Angel Lightworker Workshop with Kathleen Quinn

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04-30-2017 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

2 Day Angel Lightworker Workshop with Kathleen Quinn

Saturday and Sunday April 29 – April 30
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

If you feel a calling to attend you are already a Lightworker; this is your opportunity to step into your Power.

This workshop will take you along your life path of healing yourself and being of service to others. Together we will learn how to release the past, opening your true inner light and stepping into your power as a Lightworker. Guided by the Angels, we will develop all the skills needed to bring forth this beautiful transformation.


  • Help you nd your personal power to move along your spiritual path of healing yourself and others.
  • Help you realize the value of your gift so you may be of Service.
  • You will learn about each Archangel and the special gifts they offer.
  • You will move forward into your power as you follow your path as a Lightworker.
  • You will learn Angel Lightworker 3 healing practices.
  • You will discover and develop your clairvoyance.


  • Guided meditations
  • Play
  • Movement Connections
  • Music & Dance
  • Healing Practices
  • Discover & Develop
  • Releasing & Cleansing

Come prepared to learn, love, laugh, share, play and open your heart and spirit to your true path as a Lightworker.

Bring your adventuresome spirit.

Dress comfortably in layers. A nutritious Organic lunch will be provided each day along with snacks, tea and water.


To register, please visit
You may either make a deposit of $222.00 to hold your space (with the balance due by 4/29/17) or pay in full.

For more information contact Kathleen Quinn by phone 610-587-9005 or by email